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The Finutive financial management tool allows small businesses to manage their treasury in a simple way and for a price appropriate to their economic reality. Users can connect their bank accounts, receive their detailed financial history and business recommendations based on their financial positions title loans katy tx.

The newspaper El Referente has also identified the platforms that, although they are part of the fintech sector, are currently inactive: Becash, Beeneberypart, Bewater Fund, Bitchain,, Brain Trading, Broker Panda, Byewallet, Cashually, Clullc , Coinffeine, Comunitae, Cooinc, Coontigo, Debt, Dineo, dispon, Eurakos, Ferratum Bank, Fibanx, Financial Planning, Flaskfunding, Fromlab, Funding Circle, IM Solutions, Impok, Interim Fintech, Kuapay, Lendico, Mooverang, Nauta Software Research, Nimble Payments, Pademobile, Pagantis, Pagobit, PanamNav, Pepe Dinero, Rational FX, SEQR, SilverLake, Swapay, Technoactivity, The Crowd Estates, Value, Vdos, Wallo, Wavier Make It yours, and Yaap Money.

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